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Launching a new brand in 2021? Don’t miss these top 10 common mistakes and avoid setting yourself up to fail.

1. You picked the

wrong name

Your brand name is powerful because it’s the thing everyone will remember. Famous brands like Pepsi and eBay were once called Brad’s Drink and AuctionWeb – not exactly catchy. Pick the wrong name, and you’re off to a bad start. A good brand name explains what your offer is and what you’re for, or describes the feeling of the brand: like our launch of Hygge, a cosy spiced rum with an authentic brand to match.

2. Your USP is

missing the ‘U’

No one likes being told they’re average. But if your USP is less than unique, your customers will never remember what your brand is or what it’s for. Like a strong brand name, a confident unique selling point is needed for making sure your product or service is immediately recognisable and relatable.

Mortgage broker Habito is a good example of a traditionally ‘boring’ product made exciting with great marketing. Could you use a different approach to grab attention? Try motion graphics to get your message across in style.

3. You Want Champagne

For Lemonade Prices

Awkward conversation about money incoming… If you want the right brand, it comes at the right cost. A strong brand isn’t something you can skip or rush. It needs time, commitment, and the right budget to make sure you’re showcasing your best side for your customers. Find out more about why spending enough is key to a strong brand.

4. Your Offering

Is Confusing

It might make perfect sense to you, but if your offering is unclear, you’re going to lose potential customers by confusing them away. Memorable, clear offerings can even become slogans, like ‘Have a break… have a KitKat’.

Make sure you’re certain on what you’re providing, what the benefit is to your customers and what you want them to do or experience. Whatever your industry, from financial to healthcare and dynamic start-ups, we’ve got what you need to build an awesome brand.

5. Your Marketing

Is Done In Secret

Heard of hiding your light under a bushel? Well, if you get your marketing approach wrong, you’ll be hiding all your best efforts, too. Find out where your customers are by building accurate personas and doing your research, for example: what do your competitors do? Once you’re armed with relevant information you can direct your marketing to where your customers will see it. Awesome marketing produces awesome results. If you partner with us, you’ll see what that means.

6. You Chose The

Wrong Approach

Some things are unpredictable. But some things, like an inevitable ugly Christmas jumper, are wholly predictable. If you launch at a busy time of year – at the New Year, for example – then you’re jumping into an already busy party handing out invites for your gathering down the road. Strategy is key when it comes to launching a brand. Will you launch with a printed ad campaign or an app? Let’s work together to find the right approach for your brand.

7. Your Social Presence

Is Old Skool

Social media – that pesky devil. Whatever your brand is, be sure that social media is necessary to catch up with your customers.

Some of your customers might even find you through your social media, so be informative, share content and – you guessed it – be sociable. Even industries unused to receiving marketing, like this case study of a podiatrist community, can be well served with modern marketing.

8. …Or You’re

Trying Too Hard

One last tip on social media. Don’t be this guy. If you’re going to use memes or jokes, make sure they’re up to date, flow naturally and don’t feel forced. If in doubt, just be you. The chances are, your customers are following you because they’re invested in your presence, not just witty banter.

9. Your Website

Is Sketchy

A badly thought-out website won’t help your business. Get your website right, and customers will be able to find you, recommend you, and keep coming back. We’ve designed a lot, and we think they’re awesome. Check out our portfolio for more inspiration.

10. You Haven’t

Asked For Help

Maybe we could help you with that. Get in touch today.