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In a recent report from LinkedIn, it was revealed that digital marketing, digital content freelancing and creative freelancing are among the fastest growing job sectors in the UK market. With growing numbers of talented creatives in the market producing awesome work, an interesting twist is the rapid growth of AI-powered creative tools.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has existed since the 1950s and the earliest programming computers, but over the last decade it’s been used to develop programmes and tools solving everything from customer service queries to calculating the perfect insurance deal.

And now, creative AI programmes are growing too, offering design and copywriting tools to rival even the savviest digital marketing creative teams. Thanks to algorithms that get better with every use, these tools are getting progressively smarter. Whether you need transcriptions, automatically generated copy, or even a tool to build you a perfect pitch deck, there are AIs out there creating fascinating, ever-improving work.

The new


Writing tools like and can build short-to- long-form copy for websites, adverts, marketing materials and more. And Singapore-based start-up company Pencil is going one step further by automatically generating Facebook adverts. In an interview with Fortune, Pencil’s CEO Will Hanschell said: “[The AI] cuts videos into scenes, generates copy, applies animations… and tries to determine what feels most on-brand and looks similar to things that have worked in the past for the brand.” 

Coming up with original ideas used to be a uniquely human trait, but now machine learning has enabled Pencil’s AI to generate “usable copy 95% of the time.” CEO Will Hanschell explained to Fortune that: “the system can actually generate novel ideas.”

And when it comes to design sensibilities, humans don’t always have the last word. Design AI tool Khroma uses an algorithm to learn what colour palettes designers like to use, and creates limitless palettes to give new choices and variations.

Still manually coding wireframes? There’s an AI for that. Upload a photo of your hand sketched wireframe to UIzard, and it will transform it into a prototype for you before generating the front-end code.

Will robots

replace designers?

Should creatives be worried by the rise of the machines? Not according to Kim Davis writing on, who said: “AI can support some functions within marketing – campaign optimisation, personalisation, data management – while freeing marketers to be strategic and creative.”

Working alongside, rather than against AI could be the solution. People have joked for decades about robots replacing humans in manual jobs, but now the possibility of creativity being outsourced to a machine is becoming more real. Free templates are one thing, but templates that can build themselves? That’s a different challenge to digital creatives.

By embracing new technologies, creative teams can use the best in AI with the best of human talent and create something special.

Luckily, we believe that even the smartest AI can’t replace a living, breathing creative team to produce your brand or materials. If you want to talk to us and get the human touch on an awesome rebrand or creative project, get in touch today.