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A.I. has landed

Artificial intelligence. For most the term still conjures up far-flung sci-fi fantasies involving Machiavellian cyborgs and futuristic armies of rambunctious robots – a ‘machine vs. mankind’ scenario. The perception of AI and what it may or may not achieve in…
February 9, 2018

Web App or Native App?

Apps have come a long, long way since they were first introduced to the mainstream market by technology giant Apple. Starting life as simple calendar facilities and messaging consoles in first generation mobiles, apps have evolved to become online shops,…
January 1, 2018

Quadcopters…the future is here

I've had a keen interest in quadcopters for a while now, ever since Amazon started testing them for deliveries back in December 2013. Early 2014 saw a boom in cheap and fun quadcopters. Now we are seeing highly advanced camera technology integrated into these…
November 25, 2014