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To create a great website at Awesome Creative, we need two things:

1) Audacity

– to believe that the thing we are making, your online business or product, is something that your entire target market wants and needs.

2) Humility

– to understand that as web designers, it’s not about us or our portfolio, it’s about the people who we are designing for and how our work should enhance the way that these people experience your product and brand.

Designing a tiny little button can be a pain in the butt…

Did you know that over 180 hours went into redesigning the Facebook like button?

Yes, more than 180 hours….“Why?” I hear you say.
Well, that one tiny button is seen 22 billion times a day all over the world.
That one single button needs to work in every language, within the same width and height dimensions, on every device conceivable.
That’s a huge amount of pressure for one tiny button.
It is also the reason why there is an actual team of people at Facebook, just to manage and design the use of the Like button!

Facebook is of course a massive-scale website with an unrivalled audience and such massive-scale design projects present these unprecedented design challenges.

We can however look at this example for your website.

Our designers look at the design of every single element on your web page, we don’t simply treat anything as “just a button”. If you think about it, buttons could be the most important design factor on your web page. Without people pressing your buttons, you aren’t going to be in business for long.

Websites need to evolve around how they are being used.

As much as we can can plan, design and predict the usage and interactivity of a website, you will never really know until it is out there in the public domain. Don’t be naive enough to think that the design you are putting out there won’t need updating for several years to come.

Our suggestion here at Awesome Creative is “get it out there and learn”

Of course, we can help you scope out your project, structure your offering and then translate that offering into an awesome online experience with the intent on converting visitors into customers, however once we put that website live, don’t be fooled into thinking that your website is now “done”.

If you really want your website to be successful, especially if it is a purely online bushiness, you will want to invest time and funds into monitoring your traffic and user behaviour. Engaging with your visitors and customers and gather feedback about their online experience. By doing this you will be able to identify areas of your website that can be streamline or changed to cater for those unforeseen website use scenarios. In saying this….

“Data analytics will never be a substitute for design intuition. Data can help make a good design great, but it will never make a bad design good”

Knowing who we are designing for by understanding your market and the needs of your customers is our first step in making an awesome website.

Let’s talk- get in touch today.