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Like any glittering career, the early days are not all about jet-setting, fine dining and champagne. Indeed, many artists start out with second jobs whilst they seek that first signing or that first big track.

I was lucky enough to work with the London based music maker back in 2008 when, for a brief spell, he passed off as a front-end developer up in Manchester. He knew his way around stylesheet or two but always chased after his true passion: music.

He eventually took the leap of faith and up-sticks and moved to the big smoke. Just look at him now. (a lesson for us all!?)

Nowadays I am a big fan and I recommend you check out some of his creations on his Soundcloud.

The track that does it for me is More Than Me
It has a classic “5am” feel…one of those tracks for the crowd that still lingers and who yearn for the last euphoria.
If your any sort of house/progressive fan and you’ve not heard it yet, do it now.

You can also stay up to date with Eliphino on the usual Facetwit and Twitbook.