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June is a big month for Europe…not least because of the upcoming EU referendum in the UK, but also (and perhaps more importantly!) the UEFA Euro 2016 in France. Whilst this is a momentous occasion for footy fans all over the globe, it’s also an opportunity for businesses large and small to promote brands, products and services with themed marketing campaigns.


So why is the Euro opportunity just too good to miss?

Brands of all sizes internationally recognise the power of a global marketing platform. Reaching a wide audience in one fell swoop is an invaluable resource for those selling products with mass appeal (and huge audiences spanning multiple continents). But for businesses operating on an exclusively national level there is the additional and potent opportunity to cash in on patriotism and countrywide interest – to share a portion of an event (comprised of many smaller events) which arguably captures the attention of a nation.

Big brands cash in

Some of the biggest names in the business including Mars, Coca Cola and Adidas weigh in early, starting their footy-themed marketing activity in March and April. Amongst the most notable efforts of its kind is McDonald’s ‘Gol!’ advertisement – which rather than featuring top stars instead focused on ordinary people with rather extraordinary football skills.

Visa’s 2014 offering was also memorable – their ‘Everywhere You Want To Be’ emphasised the card’s widely accepted status whilst featuring French favourite Zinedine Zidane. This clever play on words and themes (with the addition of a celebrity endorsement) is a time-tested formula – but it doesn’t always work.

Visa everywhere you want campaign
Now commercials which shock, surprise or change opinion experience the most positive reception in a world saturated with Vines, Youtube clips and memes. ‘Viral exposure’ is now determined by the audience – not by the advertisers. Therefore success is about creating something which sticks and repeats in the minds of your demographic each time they hear about the contest, read results or watch a game. Something which shouts above other Euro-generated noise and cuts through to reach your target audience.

Ambush Marketing captivates covertly

Chances are you haven’t heard of Ambush Marketing. But you’ll definitely have been exposed to it – and may even have participated in it – within the last 12 months. One of the most captivating ways to engage consumers is actually subconscious, subliminal and to some, sneaky. Yet it requires creative capability and imagination greater than simply launching a television advert with a snappy slogan.
Guerilla marketing is nothing new – but fresh tactic Ambush Marketing is proving to be one of the most highly-effective methods of the modern marketing era. It involves muscling in on large-scale events which already have official sponsors – effectively stealing a portion of limelight away from brands who’ve paid billions for similar coverage. A case in point is the hugely popular Dr Dre Beats brand. Through sending a limited edition set of headphones emblazoned with the Union Jack to members of Team GB ahead of the 2012 London Olympics they secured plenty of pretty high value social media endorsements for the incredibly low wholesale cost of the products themselves.
Dr Dre headphones union jack
Another example involves savoury favourite Pringles – who distributed close to 25,000 cans at Wimbledon in 2009. Cue plenty of media coverage and plenty of satisfied punters – not to mention plenty of attention from competitors who had paid through the nose to sponsor the event.
Does your audience also watch the football?
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