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As lockdown was announced in the UK to help combat the COVID 19 crisis, the effect on business was almost instant. Within 2 weeks, 9.3 million workers had been placed on furlough, none but essential key workers were able to attend their place or work and millions of us found ourselves sharing our work from home space with our partners, kids and pets.

This unprecedented change to our lives meant radical changes to the ways of working for most businesses and a new approach to marketing for many. As life slowly begins to return to some kind of normality, we take a look at some of those changes, along with the opportunities that have come out of lockdown.

Slow Down on

Marketing Spend 

Whilst the big brands have continued to spend, 69% of marketers say that they have had to put their marketing budgets on hold during lockdown and adopt more creative approaches to brand building.

To ensure they remain relevant and are remembered for the right reasons, savvy marketers have been ensuring their brands are visible through engaging with their communities, either digital or local, displaying a positive and reassuring presence online and using their downtime wisely to plan ahead.

A Change of Pace

& A Change of Tone

As the mood of the nation and the world as a whole was rapidly changing, new campaigns were developed quicker than ever before. Overnight, much of what had been planned in the schedule became irrelevant or, in the worst cases, potentially damaging.

Instead, we saw creativity flourish as compassion, empathy and support became the key messages in advertising and social activity and we saw a more human response to meeting the needs of customers and consumers.



Little did we think that video conferencing would become such a huge part of our lives 6 months ago, but even the most camera-shy of us have to admit it’s been something of a revelation. Businesses have maintained that all important ‘face to face’ contact with clients and internally, team spirit has evolved with virtual team meetings and the all-important team socials have also taken a digital twist.



Faced with challenges never experienced before, many traditional bricks and mortar operators have breathed new life into their business through upping their online game.

From creating brand new online stores to using ecommerce tech to create online ordering and delivery services, brands and business have found new ways to continue to reach their customers.

Work Life Balance

& Productivity Gains

Surveys throughout the lockdown period have shown the popularity of flexible home working, with trend experts believing this is now set to become embedded in the UK’s working culture. Indeed, a survey of working parents has revealed that only 1 in 8 want to go back to pre-pandemic ways of working.

This flexibility has been seen as a positive for business too, who have benefited from increased productivity from a home-based workforce. Ongoing, such changes could help tackle the UK’s long hours, ‘always on’ culture, reduce sickness absence and improve mental wellbeing.