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Rubber Ring wants to change the way we think about car insurance by offering protection for one of the most overlooked parts: tyres.

Awesome Creative has created Rubber Ring’s name, brand, design, and development of a new app that lets drivers protect their tyres with unique and affordable insurance cover.

Tyre Insurance

Rubber Ring, based in Manchester UK, provide tyre insurance policies to keep your car moving safely. Tyres tend not to be included in your typical car insurance policy and given that a single tyre could cost up to (and over!) £350 then it’s makes logical sense to get these assets covered as well as the rest of the car. In the words of Rubber Ring, tyres need protecting because sh*t happens!

Awesome Creative took the concept of insurance and transformed it into something more valuable and more engaging. Rubber Ring is a shining example of insurtech designed around the customer experience – something they call their Customer Contentment Policy.

The insuretec boom

Insurance technology – or insurtech – is big news in the business world right now. Until recently, insurance has been sold the same way for over 100 years. Now with more companies connecting customers with insurance through apps and providing a seamless mobile experience, it’s no wonder that things are changing.

Initially, insurtech start-ups were seen as rivals to the traditional way of doing insurance but as the technology has proven to enhance processes and systems, the tech approach has been embraced more and more and we’re seeing more hybrid approaches and integrated crossovers.

Rubber Ring is a fully fledged, online-only platform meaning there’s very little need for physical resources such as hardware or personnel, meaning it has a near zero carbon footprint.

The tech behind the app

Built and designed by Awesome Creative, the Rubber Ring platform is a single repo, full-stack PHP progressive web app running Laravel hosted on AWS Lambda and with an RDS MySQL database.

AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of Amazon Web Services. It is a computing service that runs code in response to events and automatically manages the computing resources required by that code.

Insurance Done Differently

Customers want and expect an easy-to-use, straightforward service and insurance product to match. That’s why Rubber Ring put customers at the heart of everything they do. They offer affordable cover from as little as £1 a month to make life easier and give customers one less thing to worry about.

Rubber Ring’s approach is different, vibrant, and ready to shake up a market that’s been using the same techniques to sell insurance for decades.

Rubber Ring was founded on the ambition to change the people's perception of insurance; create a world where insurance is perceived as a valued-life-service, not an essential evil.

Rob JonesFounder of Rubber Ring

What’s next?

Rubber Ring has ambitious plans for the future of insurance. The platform’s intelligent features will grow, including improvements to biometric security, the AI chatbot, image recognition and text recognition – known as an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner. 

The strength of Rubber Ring’s insurance distribution relies on the solid partnerships it forms with leading companies and groups within specific markets.

To complement the tyre insurance, in 2021 Rubber Ring will expand the motor ancillary insurance package to cover bodywork alloy wheels and loss of vehicle keys. Rubber Ring already has e-scooter insurance and small business insurance for the UK market in the pipeline.

How did we make

insurance exciting?

It might not be the first topic you think of, but insurance and other financial services are vital for life’s “what ifs”. And making challenging topics and brands engaging is what Awesome Creative is all about. Using stylish character design, bright and clean colours, and an easy-to-understand mobile-first approach to the user experience, Rubber Ring’s brand was a great project to bring to life.

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