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We’ve been exploring how we can maintain a positive business attitude during these extremely tough times.

We’ve talked about how on the face of it, all business rules go out of the window during lock down, but how in reality, its essential to keep some resemblance of normality, ready for when things get back how they were.

Today we are looking at 

furloughed workers.

Furloughed workers find themselves in a tricky position. On one hand, the cynic may say that they’re actually on to a good thing. For most workers in this group, they are continuing to be paid for well, doing nothing –  albeit at a lower rate.

And to some extent, it’s true – when else would you be able to indulge in a few days of slobbing on the sofa and binge-watching Netflix?

The reality for most Furloughed workers is probably quite different. No matter how much you love your job, the guidelines are very clear – if you have been granted temporary redundancy, you are not allowed to do any work at all for your employer – or you could both end up in hot water.

This can of course lead to frustration,  boredom and lack of focus – so how do you ensure you are firing on all cylinders when you eventually go back to work?


your day.

Maintaining some resemblance to a routine or structured day, will keep your mind and body optimised to return to work. Sure, a few lie-ins here and there are fine, and probably needed by many at the moment. However, try and restrict these to the weekends. Get up and dressed at the time you normally would for work. Have a proper lunch at the usual time and try to resist chilling out until your normal finish time. You will instantly feel better.

writing in planner

Nourish the body,

nourish the mind.

We all know to “eat our greens” however it’s probably very tempting at the moment to make best friends with the biscuit tin or whatever we can find rolling about the fridge. But remember that a properly nourished body means a nourished mind so try to resist binge eating and limit the treats. Right now it’s more important than ever to keep a healthy mindset and that starts with what you fuel it with.

You will have seen all the social media posts about stocking up on alcohol. While a drink is something that many of us look forward to, make sure it’s the same amount you would normally consume in a week and at the usual time slots: evenings or weekends. A few Saturday afternoon beers is great – but Tuesday morning Tequila? Not quite so much.

Remember alcohol is a depressant drug and is counter productive to maintaining a high focus and positive outlook.

healthy food



We don’t just mean spamming your neighbours WhatsApp group with apocalyptic memes. Banter is great – but here we’re talking business connection. Skype, Zoom, FaceTime are all great ways to keep in touch with your colleagues, even if you are not working.  Make LinkedIn your daily got-to. Naturally, start by tidying up your profile  – update your picture, check you messaging and ensure your company line is correct.

Next, check your connections. Mentally trawl though all of your customers, clients and  suppliers and ensure you are connected with them AND following their business pages. Send a brief introductory message enquiring how they are.

Research and join online forums and groups that will keep you connected to your industry. Contribute as much as you can – you will not only make new connections, but also keep abreast with the industry, standing you in good stead for your return.

working video call

Keep up to date

with your industry.

Following on from the point above, don’t just switch off from the industry you work in. Read trade publications online, sign up to news bulletins and follow influencers online. If you ever wanted to upskill, now if your chance – there are many online courses available that are currently free of charge. Employees returning to work motivated, refreshed and with updated skills is exactly what your boss will want.
Bombay Sapphire is kindly giving away 3 months free premium membership to Skillshare– a great source of learning for creatives and businesses alike.

creative online learning

Find escapism


During the lockdown why not start making plans for the bright future ahead. Pinterest is great for creating vision boards. Create a “places to see before you die” list, a holiday bucket list and a virtual decorating board. You can even start to plan how you want your workspace to look when you get back in to the office.

travel mood board online

Get lost

in literature.

If you have never been much of a reader, perhaps now is the time to start. There are thousands of great business books out there, from autobiographies to motivational guides to getting things done. If reading really isn’t for you, try listening through Audible.

close up reading a book

Explore new

interests and hobbies

Always wanted to play the guitar? Fancy being able to communicate with French clients in their own language? Now is your chance. Online tutorials have been big for several years, but at the moment they are going to be more popular than ever. Choose something that you are passionate about, do your research into the best courses and then get yourself booked on. If the sessions are pre-recorded make them part of your daily schedule.

Help out

when you can.

If you have always wanted to be a bit of a philanthropist, now is as good a time as any. You’ve likely got plenty of time on your hands at the moment, so put it to good use – after all, for many of our core services, it’s all hand- on deck at the moment.

From the NHS to the Samaritans, there are many ways you can use your time productively to help those less fortunate than yourself. Not only is it a noble thing to do, it will make you feel as though you have a purpose.

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