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In 2015 we climbed onboard an incredibly exciting new project. The idea was simple yet genius: a social community network for guys and girls who love to modify and customise their bikes and cars- with a focus on the modifications!

18 months in the making, Mooters launched on the iTunes App Store this morning and is already seeing a large number of downloads. In light of this we wanted to share some the app’s unique benefits – and show how collaborating with Awesome Creative on app development can ensure that what is initially only a dream can become a potentially lucrative reality.

What’s the fuss all about?

For everyone out there who loves to get creative and stand out from the crowd this automotive community for car and bike enthusiasts is the only way to find, showcase and appreciate automotive modifications. Mooters fills a huge gap in the market – easily enabling petrol heads to take care of all their vehicle adaptation needs all in one place. The app features a social network enabling you to create a profile for your ride, with the additional capability to set up clubs and events of your own. It doesn’t stop there, though – Mooters goes the extra mile, incorporating a unique browse, search and shop feature which enables you to sell and resell modifications and browse and purchase more for yourself. The best part is it’s also free – so you’ll have more money to spend on that bespoke exhaust system you’ve been saving up for.

How does it work?

It’s easier to turn heads and go harder and faster with Mooters’ social community network catering for the growing modification culture of cars and bikes. Created by mod lovers for mod lovers, the app is tailor made for anyone who admires, covets and creates vehicle modifications of any kind. From buying and selling kit to finding club members and reviewing air filters, you’ll find everything you could wish for across the app’s numerous features.

Firstly download the app for free and log in to create your profile. Then you’re ready to upload images and a description of your ride, documenting each modification bit by bit. Before you buy or sell a product or vehicle you can check out its credentials on Mooters with reviews, comments, images and video to explore.

Whilst you’re building your own fan base you can search for other rides to appreciate and take inspiration from – with the added facility to tailgate your favourites to see which events they’re attending. Creating an event of your own is easy, too – simply add details of where and when, invite and promote to run your very own rally or meet-up.

Why is Mooters a must-have?

Mooters includes absolutely everything mod lovers could need and want from a social network. As well as providing a dedicated platform for you to share your own ride and admire the work of others, it also features a unique dedicated shopping facility which enables you to pick out a modification you like from another vehicle and directly view or search sellers and product criteria. You can read reviews, compare prices and search for alternatives – all in one place. From finally finding out where that sick shell and wrap came from to locating a bespoke wheel trim manufacturer, you’re sure to locate whatever you need to complete your unique look.

Where can I get it?

Mooters is available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone It’s the debut addition – so we’re going to be working closely with the company and app users to tailor it even more precisely to the needs of the community. You can also join the conversation (and see some awesome rides) on Facebook and Twitter.

Got an app idea of your own you need to get off the ground? Speak to the experts at Awesome Creative today.