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I’ve had a keen interest in quadcopters for a while now, ever since Amazon started testing them for deliveries back in December 2013.
Early 2014 saw a boom in cheap and fun quadcopters. Now we are seeing highly advanced camera technology integrated into these fascinating aerial robots. Suddenly they have commercial use: Property aerial shots, security surveillance and you may have seen recently in the news of an ambulance concept drone. The capabilities are nearly limitless and I can see them having a huge impact on our society within the next 5-10 years.

I recently found this video from 2013. The technology is astonishing and yields very impressive results as I’m sure you’ll agree. I can’t help thinking of all the uses in the real world these sorts of algorithm based quadcopters can perform.

I also can’t help thinking about the Terminator films when I see this machines perform these aerial manoeuvres. I’m pretty sure the demonstrator (Raffello D’Andrea) aludes to the movie franchise at 10:16 when he get’s the quadcopters to carry a “Sky Net”…enjoy.