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Our association with cutting-edge healthcare provider membership scheme Osgo is changing the face of the private healthcare industry, revolutionising how podiatry and private practices run their businesses and grow their client bases. Here’s how (and why) we do what we do – and how it could benefit your business.

Building brands and growing businesses with Awesome and Osgo

Osgo Healthcare is the number one membership scheme for podiatrists and private practices in the UK. Launched in 2015, it’s the fastest growing network of practices and individuals looking to save, grow and comply. Their ‘one stop shop’ offering enables practices to find solutions from one reliable partner rather than spending time and money sourcing the crucial elements they need to run their business on an individual basis. The additional support and resources available from Osgo are also incredible, with exclusive benefits to membership including free CPD courses, policy templates and industry discounts for essential items.
Osgo Logo
At Awesome Creative we’re used to causing a bit of a stir in industry circles – so we’re especially proud to be part of Osgo’s revolutionary movement which enables podiatry practices and private practices to benefit from digital marketing and design support and brand consultancy, which in turn allows them to gain more business and grow their companies.

Podiatry and Private Practices get left behind

Previously across the private practice industry there has been less attention given to branding and marketing material compared with industry counterparts. A dependence on the ‘same old’ has seen many a prestigious practice fade into insignificance against a backdrop of others who to a consumer all look incredibly similar. So how can you differentiate and claim your share of the market?
Before a website or any marketing material can be created, your brand needs to be appropriate. It needs to speak to and attract your target audience, encapsulating your values whilst serving the practical purpose of helping them to recognise your business. This involves assessing your current brand status and redesigning with existing and future customers in mind, so that you maintain brand identity whilst refreshing and revitalising in order to attract new business.
Once this happens it’s time to assess your online presence and any other marketing streams you could benefit from. A website is absolutely vital in today’s marketplace. Without one, you’re missing out on over 90% of consumers who say they check a business online before engaging with it. Yet a website alone isn’t enough. It needs to be well-designed and functional as well as pleasing Google with fast load times and mobile responsiveness – which is why all our sites are built responsive as standard.
Once a rebrand is completed and your online presence is in place, it’s important to consider optimising them by complementing them with high-quality content. This enables you to market your business and promote your services in a way which will attract new customers and drive fresh enquiries. This includes effective, eye-catching design for advertisements and promotional material, with high-quality images and persuasive copy. You’ll also need to consider how you’ll drive traffic online – including social media campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google Adwords.
If this sounds overwhelming, you’re not alone. That’s why we offer specialised design packages with guidance and support as standard to enable our clients to get on with doing what they do best whilst we take care of their marketing for them.

The revolution begins…

Davenport House Clinic in Stalybridge are an excellent example of the work we’ve been doing with private practices – and the tangible change we can bring around for the financial side of their business.
Despite their success as a podiatry and physiotherapy clinic since 2008, Davenport House recognised that their logo and marketing collateral were looking dated and tired, and Awesome Creative was approached for help on recommendation from Osgo Healthcare. Working closely with the owners we ascertained what the clinic needed to revitalise its presentation, working closely with the owners, keeping their objectives in mind as well as their budget.
We started with their logo, maintaining the colour scheme of the established business to avoid losing existing brand recognition and association, yet smartening and fine-tuning the existing logo using the clinic’s beautiful premises as a focal point. The result is classic and refined – yet retains the brand affinity existing clients held.
Following the initial and important step of refining the logo, we moved on to the digital and print marketing aspects of the business. Firstly we addressed the website, which the client had already worked on for a number of years. Improving and building on what they had already achieved we re-designed the website to create a platform which was mobile responsive (crucial for SEO) and fully optimised for Google, incorporating the clinic’s fresh new designs. Secondly we invigorated the clinic’s marketing collateral, bringing it in line with the new website and branding. This included leaflets, posters, flyers, magazine adverts and an update for the clinic’s signage inside and out.
Podiatry Clinic website
When all these elements come together they create successful revenue streams for a business – and as a result Davenport House Clinic has seen a rise in fresh enquiries and new customers contributing to future growth.
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