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I’m now 4 months in to my freelancing career. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride so far with a myriad of new people in my life, new faces, new adventures and new experiences.
I’ve travelled more, smiled more, enjoyed my work a lot more and slept a lot less!
Here is a list of the ups and the downs I’ve experienced so far;

The Ups

  1. Setting my alarm clock later than I would normally because now my office is 6 steps away from where I slumber.

  2. Being able to drop my son off at school every morning and not have to hot-foot it out of there to join the rush-hour traffic to try and make it to the office on time.

  3. Following on from no.2….I manage my own time and can start work when I need to.

  4. Taking a break when I want

  5. Listening to what I want and at whatever volume I desire. (it normally varies depending on what’s playing)

  6. Isolation. There is no longer the danger of a colleague coming over to “pick my brains” or “ask a quick favour” derailing my creative flow or thought process.

  7. Wearing what I want. (I do set myself standards however and always get myself dressed and presentable. Don’t think I’m sat here in my pants all day.)

  8. I can create my own surroundings and decoration without conforming to any company policy or showing consideration for others.

  9. I don’t report to anyone. (This has to be my favourite to date. To be my own boss and be in control of where I am supposed to be, how and why.)

  10. Creative freedom. All the above points make me a more creative and liberal thinker which I hope my clients will testify in the work that I produce.

The Downs

  1. Resisting the temptation to sleep in a bit longer knowing that my office is only 6 steps away from where I slumber.

  2. Dragging my lazy son out of bed to make it to school on time and then motivating myself to return home immediately to begin work when there is no-one there waiting for me.

  3. I manage my own time. This is harder than you think! It takes discipline and a sense of responsibility to your own clients. I work sometimes for the love of creating something however the majority of the time I need to work and therefore I work. This can sometimes mean I see 3am at my desk.

  4. Taking a break when I want…

  5. Listening to what I want and spending far too much time flicking through 90’s album compilations on youtube

  6. Isolation. There are no longer colleagues to come over and interrupt me for whatever reason. I may need to get myself a pet.

  7. Wearing what I want. What do I wear and do I really need to shave today?

  8. I’m surrounded by empty tea mugs, discarded paper and the layers of filth on my keyboard from each daily grind are beginning to build up. I do not have an office cleaner.

  9. Not reporting to anyone means self-discipline. This takes self-motivation and focus. Everyday.

  10. After creating something I can no longer lean over and say “Phil, what do you think of this?” for a bit of creative criticism. I now have to be my own critique.

In summary, life as a freelancer is unpredictable, exciting, emotional, motivating and I freakin’ love it.

At this present moment in time I don’t see how I can ever go back to being in full-time employment for an employer.
(this sentiment might change once it’s time to do my tax returns which I have a slight ominous fear of)

I’d like to credit for the following illustrations which I think visualises perfectly all of my experiences to date: