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There was a time not so long ago that building a website was a complicated job and the sole responsibility of highly skilled developers. Now thanks to user-friendly tools and platforms that allow fast and easy website builds, you can confidently update your own site once the groundwork has been done for you.

At Awesome Creative, Webflow is our favourite new platform for building or redesigning websites that are easy to update and great-looking too. You can build a fully customisable, dynamic website that’s set up to perform better in SEO thanks to auto-generated sitemaps, clean code and a super mobile-friendly experience. With an interface that’s fast, secure and reliable, it’s easy to see why Webflow is leading the way in modern CMS.


CMS matters

A CMS, or content management system, is the software that allows you to publish content as a website. Choosing the right one for you is important because a CMS like Webflow allows your employees or website admins the flexibility and ease to update the site, create new landing pages and manage the site themselves, whenever suits them best.

Compared with traditional platforms like WordPress or Squarespace, Webflow offers a service that’s much more flexible, customisable and secure. Plus there’s nothing to install when you want to make changes to your website, and no PHP. It boasts on-page editing and a minimal dashboard, which is definitely easier to navigate than the complicated back-end of WordPress. And while Squarespace has great templates, there isn’t the same flexibility and personalisation you get with a Webflow website. It’s safe to say we’re big fans!

Case Study:

Rubber Ring

We used Webflow to build Rubber Ring, a new customer-focused insurance brand. Webflow allows dynamic content, easy animation, on-page editing and better search results from enhanced SEO – all without needing to understand time-consuming coding or hiring a developer for small tasks.

Rubber Ring is a great example of Webflow at its user-friendly best. The site is highly navigable, intuitive and super simple to use and edit when things change. No more phoning up a developer just to change a line of code. We love how easily and clearly Webflow lets us showcase a bold new brand. Find out more about how Awesome Creative built the brand and launched the website for Rubber Ring here.

Why Webflow?

Webflow helps us create websites that allow clients to make easy changes in their own time without hiring a website developer. It’s a more effective way of managing your website once it’s complete, and a faster way of building it from scratch.

For e-commerce websites, your experience is as smooth as your customer’s, and allows you to see customer orders the moment they arrive. That means you can keep up the great customer service experience without any delays. Another feature we love is the fully customisable check-out system, so however you want to serve your customers or take payments, there’s an option to help you make it happen.

Best of all – when it comes to billing, it’s set up so you’re billed automatically and you don’t have to come through us. It’s that simple. It’s just another great feature designed to give you peace of mind when getting your website live.

If you’re planning your next website build, or maybe a redesign or you’re launching a new brand, get in touch with us to find out how we can create your perfect website with Webflow.