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The financial sector can be tough. Competition can be fierce, and the industry as a whole is under a constant battle to shake off it’s image as an old-school service provider.

Over recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of another challenge to throw into the mix – a new kid on the block, in the form of upcoming fintech start-ups, set to disrupt the industry – and potentially take the market share. With the global market valued at $127.66 billion in 2018 and expected to grow to $309.98 billion at an annual growth rate of 24.8% through 2022, fintech is here to stay.

Stepping up your marketing

If you are an established financial outfit with a traditional product offering, you’ll need to work harder than ever in the current climate when it comes to your marketing. Innovation and creativity are key to the staying ahead of the game – and for the longevity of your business.

Awesome Creative have vast experience in working with major financial businesses, insurance companies and credit unions across the UK. We have a proven track record in ensuring that businesses in this sector continue to thrive, grow and weather the storm against competition, with a team of experts who have a full understanding of what marketing activity is required.


Every successful business begins with a strong brand identity. Making an impact involves more than a just logo – it’s a complete package offering a comprehensive & positive impression of your company.

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Web Design

We create beautiful, bespoke-design websites and applications using the world’s most current technologies. Finding the right solution for each project for longevity and yield a return on the investment.

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Graphic Design

First impressions count. Our daring design concepts and engaging visuals are created specifically for your business to drive home your key messages and help you to communicate clearly with your customers.

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So how do we do this?

Quite simply, by combining commercially driven creative with current design trends and technologies geared at helping our customers to stay ahead of the pack.
If you are a financial business looking to “sex up” your image, ask yourself the following questions...

Is it time to refresh my financial service brand?

In an industry that can often be perceived as overly corporate and occasionally, old school, it’s essential to make sure your brand is modern and relevant – while remaining true to your traditional values. Finding a happy medium is something Awesome Creative is well versed at.

Is my website fit for purpose?

Sound obvious? It’s not always the case. Is it intended to provide information? To convert customers? Valid points – but that’s just the basics. If your financial business is moving more towards being completely online, your website will need to do way more than that. If that’s the case, you will need to re-platform completely, starting from the ground up. Awesome Creative can assist with this, scoping out the most effective platform by understanding your business from the inside out.

Every agency is different, as is the work you need to outsource. Our prices reflect the skill and complexity involved and, once we’ve agreed on a price, that’s the amount you’ll pay - with no unnecessary add-ons.

Does our marketing speak to our audience – or is it falling flat?

At Awesome Creative, we always design with the end user in mind and we truly understand that customer psychology is hugely important. The customer needs to engage with your website from their first visit – and they want to know what your business can do for them.

It’s also crucial that your digital presence follows the current design trends and utilises the latest technologies to appeal to audiences made up predominantly of millennials. It may be that your audience resides mostly on Instagram, or perhaps they are more reachable on LinkedIn. Once they are identified, we can create content specifically for these channels and make sure your own digital portal (whether it’s a website, an app or Saas) is coherent with the messages that we’re seeding out.

Look beyond pretty pictures,
and think commercially.

At Awesome Creative, we’re passionate about creative that works – and delivers a tangible ROI for our customers. We pride ourselves on work that looks great – but every page we create needs to work hard too.

A great design starts with the user journey, be it digitally or in print. The way that information is presented – starting with the order in which content is read – plays a crucial role in engaging prospects and in converting them
into customers.

Only when we fully understand this can we create a User Journey Map, building an experience (UX) for them around that journey, brought to life with the graphics and interfaces (UI) they interact with.

It's all starts with a KISS...

In this sector, customers don’t want to be bamboozled with industry jargon – they want to be reassured that your business will look after them and their money – and is completely trustworthy.

This can be achieved though strong copy, with bold headlines and mission statements, leaving the reader in no doubt what your financial business can do for them. Messaging is also crucial in brand buy-in and ensuring that customers are fully invested in your brand and everything it stand for.

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