First impressions count. Fact.

In the world of fashion, image is everything. The look, the style, the perception and what the item represents all count and this image starts to form in a customer’s mind long before they even try on a piece of clothing.

Yet the product isn’t the only design that should be considered by a fashion design business.

There’s design in your logo and branding
Not to mention your web design and social media pages
Signage, clothing tags and marketing – they all require beautifully executed design

Notable Fashion Clients
  • Eco Swim
  • JD Sports Fashion PLC
  • Superdry
  • Quiz Clothing
  • Lifestyle Sports
  • Hugo Boss

Fashion of

the Future

Fashion is a lifestyle choice and as a brand or marketing manager, your primary focus will undoubtedly be establishing and building an aspirational and engaging image of your brand, that truly speaks to your target audience. Executed correctly, this will play a huge part in making sure your product is the next big thing.

The team at Awesome Creative have unrivalled experience of working with some of the UK’s leading fashion retailers. Indeed, we’ve produced innovative and highly creative designs for top brands including JD Sports, Superdry, Quiz Clothing, Lifestyle Sports and Hugo Boss.

Our understanding of the fashion industry means we’re well placed to create brands, digital touchpoints and adverts that engage and excite audiences. By utilising powerful marketing mediums, we can help you build brand loyalty and affinity, ensuring your customers are already engaged with you before they even see a product.

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