Lucion Services were in need of a full re-platform and overhaul of their current website. Their online presence was effectively a WordPress brochure site that had been built upon over the years to a point where it had become overly cumbersome and deemed unfit for purpose.

After working with Lucion Services for over 5 years, Awesome Creative were best positioned to propose a new digital structure and propel Lucion Services and it’s ecosystem of subsidiary companies into a more accessible and wider reaching digital realm.

From pitch through to scoping and then onto discovery and design, Awesome worked closely with Lucion’s marketing department to ensure all stakeholders of the subsidiary companies were catered for.

The end result is an eco-system of websites that allow Lucion’s customers to navigate seamlessly through the hundreds of services they provide through various guises.
We employed geo-location technology to identify where the customer was viewing what page of the website and to target them on-screen with the correct and relevant Sales Representative in their area.

Built upon a Symfony framework the site integrates with PIMCore for content and asset management – hosted on an AWS network to ensure zero downtime, efficient backups and delivery content.

What We Did
  • Solution Scoping
  • User Experience Workshops
  • Digital Consultation
  • CRM Consultation
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Brand Illustrations
  • Photography Editing
  • PIMCore Development
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Geo-Location Sales Drivers
  • Dynamic Content Loaders
Lucion Services Family Of Websites by Awesome Creative Manchester

Brand Illustrations