Mastered Fit who run a health and fitness App which helps it’s users reach their desired goal by building custom workouts and nutrition plans, from beginner up to advanced levels asked us to invigorate their iPhone App.

Mastered Fit wanted to take the App experience to the next level, so we worked from the ground up to improve and build on their branding, add consistency, create impactful imagery and design an interface which really reflects their ethos and energy.

The team at Mastered Fit were so happy with the work we produced for the App, that we were then asked to redesign their website interface and onboarding experience to reflect the brand update and App designs.

Some of the visuals you see are still in production, but Mastered Fit and us at Awesome have lots planned for future updates and were happy to say we will be supporting them along the way.

What We Did
  • Brand Identity
  • App UX/UI design
  • Web & mobile design & development
colour palette

The Mastered Fit App is a personal trainer in your pocket, which creates workouts designed by their team of fitness professionals to optimise the fitness journey and progression. Plans are tailored to a users goal and experience level, with thousands of exercises and workouts combinations to help their users reach their desired goal whilst continuously building on their level of fitness.

The Mastered Fit App also creates a tailored nutrition plan aligned to a users workout plan, calculating all of the macros (protein, carbs and fat) and then splitting them into snacks and meals so it’s really easily follow. With scientifically proven methods to help users reach their goals and stay on track without using fad diets.


Sign up on their website and download the app via the AppStore

Zack Choudhry from Mastered Fit had this to say:

“The guys at Awesome Creative understood what we were trying to achieve straight away, they are into their fitness and really know their stuff about App UX and UI so we felt comfortable from the start. The team put together some great concepts which showed the transitions and animations nicely and they continued to ensure the development ran smoothly and the build matched up with the designs”

Mastered Fit App Ui
Mastered Fit website ui
Mastered Fit website onboarding
Mastered Fit website workout plan