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Following Awesome’s recent new account wins and as we continue to grow the business; another talented pair of hands was needed. We are incredibly excited to welcome on board another full-time graphic designer; Tally Thompson.

Tally is an imaginative, skilled and holistic designer with hands-on experience in various areas of the branding and digital marketing landscape. Having worked in similar sectors for national and international brands including Silent Night and UKFast, her diverse background, impressive resume and extensive experience (plus perfect timing) made her the go-to choice as we continue to grow our client base.

Read on to get to know Tally and discover just a few of the super qualities she’ll be bringing to the table for our clients.

What attracted you to Awesome Creative?

“I met Rob last year (2017) as I was freelancing at Beehive Lofts. At the time I had also just enrolled on the Shillington Course (run by a renowned international educational institution, Shillington offers an innovative approach to learning the ropes within the creative industry). I would often sneak a peek over Rob’s shoulder to see what work Awesome were creating – I knew they were always working on something exciting. Over time I got to know Rob and the team quite well and we bonded through our shared love of design. As I graduated as a fully-fledged Graphic Designer, Rob was in a position to take on a new junior and I jumped at the opportunity- the timing couldn’t have been better!

When I finished my course I didn’t want to work at a huge commercial studio where I’d just be another number. I wanted to be somewhere I could be really hands on and involved – and Awesome is the perfect place for that. The brands and people we work with are really diverse and each day is different. Every project comes with unique challenges and methodologies, so it’s always exciting to come into work. I’m a big believer in loving what you do – no Sunday blues for me! I honestly look forward to coming in every day.”

What have you learned from working at Awesome so far?

“This is first design-focused solo role I have been in, so I have been able to learn a lot in a short space of time. Every day I experience something new – including valuable insights into the everyday running of a busy boutique studio. Mainly I have been getting to know each client in turn and their specific brand guidelines and messages, putting together ideas on how we can present that visually in the most effective and creative way. It’s excellent, as I’m putting my design skills into real world practice.”

How did the Shillington course prepare you for the commercial world of graphic and digital design?

“Four or five years ago I studied Graphic Design and Visual Communications at university. I didn’t feel that the course prepared me at all for the ‘real world’ – so I fell into social media and digital marketing for a while. I picked up the Shillington Course after a designer I know told me they’d enrolled on it themselves. It has taught me a lot about time management, thinking outside box – a lot of practical, technical skills that I felt I was lacking in before. Now I feel confident getting into creative concepts and applying them to real world clients of all different shapes and sizes. It’s rekindled my love and passion for design and really set me up to succeed in the creative industry.”

What’s your favourite field of design?

“Oh that’s a tough one! I have always had a passion for branding, as I love coming up with creative concept ideas and really quirky, ‘out there’ visual designs. But at the moment I’m learning more about illustration and that’s quickly becoming a firm favourite. At school I loved art and I was always drawing and sketching – so it’s really nice to bring paper media into the digital realm. Rob’s the perfect person to teach me that and he’s a great mentor.”

Any interesting facts or hobbies?

“In my spare time I love travelling, exploring National Trust houses and going to little independent restaurants. At the moment I’m learning French and hoping to take up boxing – so maybe that will be my new thing!”

Tally’s Awesome Portfolio

Take a look through some of Tally’s previous work and illustrations.