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News that normal life could be just over the horizon hit the UK at the end of February. In fact, travel agent TUI reported holiday bookings jumped by 500% following the announcement of lockdown restrictions easing in the summer. It goes to show we all need a break!

Who do you choose to book the perfect holiday? The travel brand with the best advert, of course. Whether you’re scrolling Instagram or watching TV, it’s hard to escape images of sun-soaked beaches or rugged landscapes, offering a much-needed getaway. If you’re a travel brand, how can you make sure you’re appealing to as many people as possible?

When travel agents came off the high street and into our homes via the internet and TV ads, they had to diversify and become brands with a story to tell. It wasn’t enough to have staff behind desks anymore – they had to share the most desirable, inspiring content on social media and on adverts and look different to their competitors.

So what are the key elements that ensure your travel brand stands out in a crowded market? Skip the queue and find out more.

1. Consider

a rebrand

Many traditional holidays have successfully rebranded over the years. Take backpacking, for example. Once a staple of gap year students, backpacking rebranded itself to appeal to adventure-seekers of all ages, with exciting destinations waiting to be found and the perfect social media snaps to be taken. Even touring holidays are no longer rocking up to Rhyll in a caravan, but driving around Europe in camper vans and keeping a busy itinerary of city hopping and destination sight-seeing.

Tired brands need to take another look at how they present themselves and the holidays they offer. Check out Virgin Voyages offering cruises to a younger audience, and quirky Champing redefining camping by renting out old churches as accommodation.

2. Set the

right expectations

If customers book an all-inclusive package only to find out they’re responsible for their own taxis, or they choose a couples-only destination and are greeted with a noisy kid’s club, they aren’t going to book with you again. Good customer communication is vital to bagging the most bookings and maintaining a good reputation with customers.

Even formerly closed Thomas Cook has rebranded as an online-only travel agent, proving that a good track record can’t be beaten.

3. Marketing must

look high-end

Affordability and great value aren’t always mutually exclusive. Sometimes if customers want the best, it comes at the right price. After all – if something looks too good to be true, the chances are it is. Use the highest quality photography, video and animation possible to ensure you’re selling the dream, even if it is for a budget camping trip. We firmly believe in if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Check out the luxury branding we did with White & Blue Luxury Holidays to capture their awesome portfolio of properties in Saint-Tropez.

4. Don’t skip

the small print

Details are a must when it comes to successful branding. You can’t describe an inner-city apartment as a poolside villa if it isn’t one, and a sprawling resort is hardly a “hidden gem”. A lack of clarity in copy will confuse customers and potentially create disappointment.

Avoid the clichés, get descriptive, get accurate, and welcome in well-informed travellers. The VisitBritain campaign encouraging staycations is a great example of copy creating marketing that’s bold but understated.

5. Make the most

of testimonials

People love to share their experiences, so make sure it’s as straightforward as possible for your customers to leave a review. You can use third-party apps like TripAdvisor or Expedia, or integrate software into your own brand to make customer feedback a breeze.

Testimonials have a huge part to play in turning your travel brand into a trusted name, and in a study published pre-Covid, TripAdvisor found that 86% of people said reading positive reviews made them feel more confident in their booking decisions. Encourage customers to leave positive reviews by using clear calls to action and you can even offer incentives like discounts.

Through excellent branding, inventive copy and top quality marketing, you can make your travel brand stand out above the rest and send your competitors packing.

If you want help defining your travel brand, get in touch with us today.