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From it’s birth in Soho London, The Wrong Crowd’s Kite flew up north to The Lowry in Salford Quays and we thought it was worth a family evening out.
What immediately struck us about the performance was that the actors were silent – there are no spoken words in this play and it works well. The story telling is delivered through music, sound effects and the dramatic emotions of the talented duo in Charlotte Croft and Liz Crowther as they go through themes of loss, memory and imagination.
The cast of just four was made up with ensemble members Nicola Blackwell and Linden Walcott-Burton who work in the background seamlessly interact the set with the performers to bring the scenes to life.
The use of the stage space is intelligent and entertaining, transforming a seaside bedroom to the bustling London underground right before your eyes. The children in the audience of our particular performance gasped and their smiles beamed as the performers pretended to be on various forms of transport and made it feel very real using very simple and rudimentary stage props.
A stand out moment was the introduction of beautifully created puppets to replace the main characters and continue the story in miniature form. This ignites the audiences’ imaginations as the puppets fly across a London skyline.
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable 1-hour performance and highly recommended for families with children over the age of 6.
The show is running until 21 February 2016.
Tickets prices are £8.50 for adults, £5.50 for children.
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