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The use of tuk tuks (or rikshaws as they are also known) as a form of transport is rapidly becoming a growing trend in the UK. With the insurgence of convenient couriers delivering food and parcels on bikes, these nippy half-bike, half-car contraptions hailing from Bangkok are taking over our towns and cities.
As more and more of these wonderful vehicles grace our roads, increasingly we’re seeing a rise in businesses (both local and national) opting for this eye-catchingly unique marketing method. So why is this type of advertising so effective – and how could tuk tuk customisation benefit your business?

Why should you market your business with a customised tuk tuk?

Customised tuk tuks give the term ‘marketing vehicle’ an entirely new meaning. As they’re fairly alien on UK roads they demand plenty of attention – which means your ad is going to draw the eye and enjoy a lot more exposure compared with placement on a traditional black cab. They also move pretty slowly (with or without rush hour traffic), so not only does more of your audience get to see your message – they also have the opportunity to engage with it for longer.
This is something that bigger businesses are already becoming wise to (and experiencing the benefits of). International breweries, film companies and food giants have all employed specially designed tuk tuks about town to promote their brand – so if you choose tuk tuk customisation as a marketing method, you’re in excellent company.

How does graphic design for tuk tuks work?

Tuk tuk artwork needs to be approached a little differently compared with graphic design for cars and vans. For this to be an effective campaign you need specialists on-side who understand the nature of the vehicle, the aim of your campaign and the likes (and dislikes) of your target audience.
Tuk tuks have also been known to have interesting interiors – so what’s to stop you extending your tuk tuk customisation to promote your product or service to the people travelling within?

Are vinyl wraps for tuk tuks available?

The short answer to this is yes. Vinyl wraps for rikshaws and tuk tuks are certainly making it a lot easier to quickly change design and branding either to promote a new service, or to host a new company entirely.
Full paint jobs and other customisation methods are available, of course. But these can be expensive – especially when used for a fleet of vehicles. Wraps on the other hand are flexible and cost-effective. Vinyl wraps for tuk tuks in particular are a versatile way to promote your business using the larger surface area the whole vehicle has to offer. You can choose between a full or partial wrap – so the options are literally endless. Whilst for some companies it’s enough to simply emblazon some clearly visible parts of the vehicle with your logo, we feel a holistic approach needs to be adopted – especially with tuk tuk artwork. As this is going to be seen (and followed) from all angles you should make sure that you’re delivering a clear message with your design that is going to stick in the minds of those who see it.
The bottom line is that with rikshaw marketing, the impression of your company you give and the way you present it is key. If you’re considering marketing your business with a customised tuk tuk (or other type of vehicle) make sure you do your research and enlist experts to help you show off your brand with a distinctive design which is impossible to ignore.
Awesome Creative won’t just customise your Tuk Tuk – we also specialise in designing wraps and artwork for all other types of vehicle. Whether you are after a minimal colour change, an eye-catching custom design or to build brand awareness, our team can help you out.